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We have considerable expertise in obtaining loans for first home buyers. Many people buying a home for the first time will have little deposit. With lending criteria now complex for new home buyers that is where our knowledge of the market and of the lending criteria is of huge benefit to you. We are the experts with all the facts and options so you dont have to be. We will also guide you through the maize that is dealing with banks, lawyers, builders etc

Other Home Purchasers

If you are looking to buy again there many options available assuming a healthy deposit and an ability to service a new loans. These days a deposit and good surplus incomes are the keys to getting a great home loan offer. We have access to many lenders and between them then provide options for most eventualities

If you are in the market for an investment property there are numerous lending options available but you have to know where to look to get the best deals for your own circumstances.  Thats where we come in with our knoweldge of all lenders.


Our number one priority when considering your refinancing options is to help you pay your loan off as quickly as possible so you pay the least possible amount of interest going forward. We want to help you increase your equity and allow you to dictate your mortgage not the other way around. For this reason we recommend lenders who specialise in this kind of debt reduction philosophy. Talk to us about your refinancing requirements to see exactly what we can do for you.

Construction Loans

We have access to all the main lenders who specialise in construction loans. These include the mainstream banks, various niche insurers and New Build who is a specialist in constructions loans and who are recommended by our mortgage brokers. A minimum deposit of 5% is typically required and on loans of this type

For all your mortgage needs use an Insite Group NZMBA accredited Mortgage Broker. Please complete the form below and one of our expert mortgage advisors will be in touch.

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First Home Buyers
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